The Ormita Report

theormitareportA private investigation into the conduct of Daniel Evans (aka David Harlow) and Ormita – an international Commerce Network.

David James Anthony Harlow (b. 17 August 1976 in Australia) was found guilty of various fraud charges in New Zealand.

He changed his name to Daniel Mensi Evans shortly thereafter (13 August 2005).

More recently (leading up to 2013) Daniel has sold agencies for his Ormita brand of companies claiming an major international presence and billions in turnover that make his operation “the world’s largest multilateral reciprocal trading system*”. This and other claims are dubious as Ormita appears to be essentially a one-man operation using virtual offices, impersonation and probably deliberately misleading information.

According to anecdotal evidence to hand, Daniel has left a trail of trauma around the globe. Some love the guy and actively support him but others consider him to be a con artist. He is clearly a likeable, intelligent and capable businessman focussing on the Barter industry, however he appears to have some serious ‘issues’ that deeply concern many.

The Ormita Report is a private investigation by Samoan-based Author, Blogger & IT Entrepreneur, Dennis A. Smith. My motives, approaches and personal comments are explained in the blog post The Ormita Report. as well as the FAQ on this website.

I intend to get to the bottom of the matters that are bothering many and will report the truth. The investigation will culminate in the publication of a 10,000 word eBook The Ormita Report that will be published in Q1, 2014.

If you wish to get involved, you may inform us via the TIPLINE, complete the Questionnaire and/or Support Us with the investigation.


*, 2 December 2013